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About us

Although IFS started only five years ago, our staff is nowhere near inexperienced. Having worked in the business for 31 years, we are able to offer quality and diversity while being able to adapt to our customers’ needs.

Our goal is to optimize our clients’ marketing efforts, giving exposure to their advertising campaigns and showcasing their products, in order to assure the best results possible and within our reach.

In our activity we prioritize the use of recyclable materials, with a smaller toll on the environment, produced by companies who follow certain criteria and production methods in accordance with national and international legislation, from both an environmental and a social standpoint.

We also strive to boost our countries’ economy by working with Portuguese companies whenever we can, so we have established important partnerships with national entities, that are also capable of offering competitive prices.

Our vast experience in the market allows us to know its needs. We excel in the following areas.

  • Advertising gitfs
  • Packaging
  • Exhibitors

According to recent studies, consumers usually make their mind up on the time of the purchase. This has been showing in most companies’ everyday lives, as the usage of advertising material grows as a fundamental part of a company’s selling process.

We can help you fulfill your goals by promoting your products and services, by;

  • Helping you maximize your sales volume and assuring a quick stock rotation, aiming to reduce the costs and the investment on working capital;
  • Promoting your brands, services and products;
  • Enabling the commercial success of the distribution networks.